Service Agreements with the Proteomics Core

Last updated: December 2022

Here are the instructions if you want a service agreement with the UC Davis Genome Center Proteomics Core Facility and your institution


First UC Davis  requires you to use their service agreement, They will not make exceptions 

Proteomics Template Agreement Form.docx

You can have your institution sign the agreement as is, if so we can begin working immediately under the terms in the agreement

If you want to make changes to this document (you cannot edit it) and send it back unsigned to me without edits and the redlines on a separate page.

We will also need a statement of work (SOW). Please fill out the top and let me know what number of samples and what type you want to be included in this agreement 

Note: You are not obligated to actually send the samples in the statement of work. What this is for is to tell the university what work is covered by the agreement. So if you exceed the samples stated in the SOW this whole process will need to be repeated. 

SOW Cover Sheet - Proteom.docx

Return the SOW and agreement to me and I will forward it to our Business office and they will forward it to University Business contracts. During this time I will not know the status or how long it will take to be completed. 


  • Is a service agreement required to send us samples?
    • No! Agreements are only initiated if the customer requests one or if there is a
      request for us to sign any agreements provided by the customer or their
    • The Cores are not permitted to sign anything provided by the customer.
      Therefore, any documents sent to the core that require a signature must be
      routed through our Business Office and Contracts team.
  • Do you do anything differently in the core if we sign this service agreement 
    • No. The work provided by the Core will hold the same quality with or without an
  • Why would we want such an agreement 
    • A Service Agreement will provide written and agreed upon documentation by
      both parties. 
  • How long will this take to be completed.
    • In my experience it takes about 2 weeks to 6 months.
  • Who can I contact to check on the status
    • Business Office administrative team. GCCOREADMIN@UCDAVIS.EDU
  • Do I need a separate agreement for every core facility in the Genome Center 
    • ​​​​​​​Yes! Service Agreements that are signed by both parties are specific to the
      work being provided that is listed within that agreement and on the SOW.

Contact Us

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Twitter DM: @ucdproteomics


Our shipping address is:
Proteomics Core Facility
Room 1414 GBSF
451 E. Health Sciences Dr.
University of California
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Please do not use US Mail to send samples as they will likely be delayed, potentially affecting the quality of your sample.