I know pricing should not be difficult

but unfortunately it's a bit tricky if we charge accurately for the work we perform. 


All samples are a bit different and take different amounts of time to work on . Almost all of the variability (in your results & in the pricing)  is in the protein extraction and sample prep as all samples are a bit different and require different amount of time to prepare. However we can give you an estimate and you can cut down the costs by doing a lot of the work yourself

Doing the protein extraction yourself is not that difficult


We use S-traps from as they work with a wide variety of samples and we can semi automate the digestion using our Tecan A200

Essentially Follow these steps and stop After Step 4

s-trap protocol

You should also do a BCA at this point as knowing the protein concentration is very beneficial. But if you can estimate accurately using past knowledge, this works too


The entire protocol is here


and there are some great troubleshooting tips at the bottom and here 


You can do the whole protocol your self and save even more money , plus it's fun


The above protocol is for 100-300 ug of starting protein. If you have less you can use this protocol 

but steps 1-4 are essentially the same

This protocol works well too 

There are also specific protocols for things like Urine or Plasma here

If you don't want to use S-traps we recommend these 

Thermo Easy pep kits


Preomics Kits


Here is also an estimator that may help. You can get a general idea of what things will cost, but please contact us for a more accurate estimate



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