As of June 2021 we have new proteomics rates. Only took 2 years to approve haha ! 

Some differences compared to our old rates

Our new rates more accurately reflect the cost of labor and mass spec instrument time. Before we charged per sample, now we charge by time. What does this mean to you? Well glad you asked! This means that your cost will get less expensive the more samples you submit as it usually does not take us 3x the time to process and acquire data on 3x the number of samples. There are exceptions of course like complex analysis (cross-linking etc) where this does not neatly apply.

This also means that if you can get away with a 20 minute run instead of a 60 min run your costs will be 3x cheaper! Nice huh?

The downside to this rate structure is that it is more difficult to estimate your costs, especially if you are a new user.

Here is an estimator that may help. You can get a general idea of what things will cost, but please contact us for a more accurate estimate



Contact Us

Any Questions? Contact Us.
Phone: (530) 754-9474 (we are not routeinly by the phone)
Text: (530)771-7055
Twitter DM: @ucdproteomics


Our shipping address is:
Proteomics Core Facility
Room 1414 GBSF
451 E. Health Sciences Dr.
University of California
Davis, CA 95616


Please do not use US Mail to send samples as they will likely be delayed, potentially affecting the quality of your sample.