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Where are You Located

How Do I ship Samples to you?

How do I contact The Facility

Do you have any programs to try the facility without risking my precious funds?

Do you do off-campus work?

What equipment do you have?

What is your turn around time?

How do we check on our sample status

How do I get in the Genome Building?

Once I get into the building how do I get into the core facility?

Do you offer any proteomics classes?

Whats the difference between the Molecular Structure Facility and the proteomics core?

What type of quality control does your core facility perform

Can you guarantee my sample will work?

How do you prioritize samples

Any other Proteomics facilities you recommend?

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What Are your current Prices

Why are your prices so expensive?

Why are your prices so cheap?

What is the mass spec only rate?

Sample Preparation (1)

What in my sample buffer could hinder my ability to achieve good mass spectrometry data?

Protein ID (9)

What instrument should I choose for my Protein ID samples

How Can I be sure the protein you ID is correct

Do you offer classes to help with interpreting my data

I see a fair amount of Keratin contamination, is this from me or you?

What if you do not identify anything?

Can I have the raw data?

What is a database and why do I need one for my sample

Do you have several tutorials you can view to familiarize yourself with this type of analysis

Do you have some good references that will give you an idea on what can be done and what protocols are worth trying.

Quantitative Proteomics (1)

How Many replicates do I need to do?

Phosphorylation Detection and Quantitation (2)

Should I enrich my phosphopeptides before analysis

Do you have a list of recent interesting papers?

ABRF (1)

What is ABRF?

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How do we pay you?