Mission and Vision

2019-short-course-mediumThe Proteomics Core in the UC Davis Genome Center was established in 2005. For over ten years the Proteomics Core has offered state of the art liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry proteomic services to investigators on and off campus. The Proteomics Core provides both fee for service proteomic services and collaborative proteomic method development and sample preparation. The Core provides a broad range of services such as mass spectrometry based on protein identification, quantifying, and identifying post-translational modifications, quantitative proteomics profiling, targeted proteomics, and sample preparation from a wide variety of organisms. In addition, we are one of the few proteomic core facilities in the world to offer Amino Acid analysis and Edman Sequencing. Currently the Proteomics Core has a staff of five highly trained scientists and houses three mass spectrometers, including two Q-Exactive Plus’s and one TSQ Vantage triple quadrupole mass spectrometer, 2 Edman sequencers and 3 amino acid analyzers.

Our Mission is threefold. One is to provide both cutting edge affordable proteomic, and protein characterization services with a rapid turnaround time. Two is to develop and implement cutting edge and novel proteomics methods and to work collaboratively with scientists, both on and off campus, to apply these methods to their unique scientific projects. Three is to teach proteomics methods to laboratories on campus using our regular classes and our hands on summer proteomics short course offered in collaboration with the biotechnology department.

We provide various levels of data analysis depending on the needs and capabilities of the client. These are based on commercial software packages as well as custom scripts. We are working with the Bioinformatics Core to add further value to the data that we generate.