2023 Hands on Proteomics Short Course Is over!

Proteomics Short Course 2023

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UC Davis Genome Center


The 2023 UC Davis hands on Proteomics Short course is Over!!

This introductory proteome analysis workshop is designed to expose participants to current methodologies in sample preparation, Liquid chromatography - Tandem mass spectrometry and data analysis  in the field of mass spectrometry-based proteomics. Image



This week long course will include hands on preparation of samples, analysis of these samples using the cores state of the art mass spectrometers & analysis of the results. Lectures will include fundamentals and research topics from staff, UC Davis Faculty & outside leaders in the filed of proteomics.


Lectures by Local and Bay Area Experts!

Lecture hall


Hands on Proteomics Sample Preparation

sample prep from the 2019 class


LCMS on samples generated in the course



Hands-on Data analysis 

2019 computer lab


2023 Class picture, why not be a part of the next one!

Proteomics Short Course 2023


All the Pictures from the 2023 Course



2023 Course Schedule




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