Welcome to the UC Davis Proteomics Core Facility

We are Located in room 1414 of the Genome and Biomedical Sciences Facility and can be reached by phone (530-754-5298) , e-mail. twitter, or the Chat button down at the bottom.  If you want to keep tabs on what we are up to, we frequently update our proteomics blog and post on Twitter. Hope to see you there!

We Provide state of the art LC-MS/MS analysis including Protein ID, Proteomics Profiling, Targeted Proteomics and Post Translational Modification analysis for clients on and off camps. We provide services at a reasonable rate (we try and break even) and a reasonable turn around time (5-10 days). In addition we  are always here to call and ask questions about your data. Or even if the data is not ours and you want to ask us about it anyway.

Also check out our Monthly classes and Summer short courses and Journal Club

One final thing, our rates can include everything (sample prep & Data analysis) or just the LC-MSMS data. Doing the sample prep and data analysis yourself can save you a lot of money and once you learn how to do it (we can teach you) you will be able to look at your data much more in-depth than we are able to do. These datasets are getting quite big and it really can take a serious amount of work (don’t mean to scare you) to comb through all your data.

Anyway if you have any questions or feedback, please let us know

Our shipping address is
Proteomics Core Facility
Room 1414 GBSF
451 E. Health Sciences Dr.
University of California
Davis, CA 95616


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