Yeast One Hybrid Services (Brady Lab)

We offer a yeast one hybrid screening service between promoters and collections of Arabidopsis or maize transcription factors.  Three collections of transcription factors are available:

i.  A root stele-expressed collection of 800 Arabidopsis transcription factors (Gaudinier, Zhang et al. 2011, Li, Gaudinier et al.     2014) TFLIST 12-10-2014 CLM-1 (-850 root expressed TFs);

ii.  A complete collection of 2000 Arabidopsis transcription factors (Pruneda-Paz, Breton et al. 2014) TFLIST 11-30-2015 (full Arabidopsis TF collection); and

iii.  A collection of 500 maize transcription factors (Burdo, Gray et al. 2014) Maize TF Masterlist 3-2016.

Once the number of promoters to be screened and an estimate of cost is provided and agreed upon between the user and the core, an estimate of time to both the start and end of the screen will be provided. The user will recombine their promoter(s) into a Gateway pDONR-P4P1 plasmid or a Gateway 5’TOPO plasmid followed by the pMW2 and pMW3 yeast reporter plasmids.  These will then be provided to the UC Davis Core. The UC Davis core completes yeast transformation, auto-activation tests and genotyping in addition to mating-based screens.  Positive interactions are recorded for LacZ and HIS3 reporters.

Questions?  Please contact Siobhan Brady/ or Anne-Maarit Bagman/

Service University of California Non-Profit/ Education For-Profit/ Industry
Y1H Screening of 1-14 Promoters/Arabidopsis 800 $6,129 $9,623 $11,817
Y1H Consumables only per Promoter/Arabidopsis 800 $138 $217 $266
Y1H Training Arabidopsis 800 $4,581 $7,192 $8,832
Y1H Addt’l Screening/Arabidopsis 800 $1,449 $2,275 $2,794
Y1H Screening of 1-6 Promoters/Arabidopsis 2000 $6,705 $10,527 $12,927
Y1H Consumables only per Promoter/Arabidopsis 2000 $374 $588 $722
Y1H Training Arabidopsis 2000 $5,157 $8,096 $9,942
Y1H Addt’l Screening/Arabidopsis 2000 $1,629 $2,557 $3,140
Y1H Screening of 1-24 Promoters/ Maize 500 $6,561 $10,301 $12,650
Y1H Consumables only per Promoter/ Maize 500 $104 $164 $201
Y1H Training Maize 500 $4,797 $7,531 $9,248
Y1H Addt’l Screening/ Maize 500 $1,449 $2,275 $2,794
Labor Rate II $36 $57 $69

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Li, B., A. Gaudinier, M. Tang, M. Taylor-Teeples, N. T. Nham, C. Ghaffari, D. Benson, M. Steinmann, J. A. Gray, S. M. Brady and D. J. Kliebenstein (2014). “Promoter based integration in plant defense regulation.” Plant Physiol.

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