Thermo Fusion Lumos 2016

The Thermo Fusion Lumos mass spectrometer that was funded with our shared instrumentation grant and UC Davis is up and running… although nowhere near optimized yet. If you have samples you want to run, just let me know. Major users of the shared instrumentation grant will have priority


Some applications this machine seems to be really good at

  • TMT labeled peptides
  • Protein ID (generates about 40% more spectra than our Q-Exactives…although I’m not convinced it’s much better for simple protein ID…but we will see)
  • Glyco-peptides
  • Intact proteins and intact protein fragmentation with ETD
  • Cross-linked Peptides
  • Data independent analysis
  • Phosphopeptides


We are still learning how to use this machine so just a warning about submitting precious samples. You might want to try some non-precious samples first.

Some Example Data

Glyco-peptide Identified with HCD


Glyco-Peptide identified with EtHCD (combination of HCD and ETD)