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COVID-19 Core Update

We are open and Accepting samples. Please contact us if you have any questions

Twitter: @ucdproteomics
E-mail: proteomics@ucdavis.edu
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We provide state of the art LC-MS/MS analysis including Protein ID, Proteomics Profiling, Targeted Proteomics and Post Translational Modification analysis for clients on and off campus. We provide services at a reasonable rate (we try and break even) and a reasonable turn around time. In addition, we are always here to call and ask questions about your data, even if the data is not ours and you want to ask us about it anyway.

Any Questions? Contact Us.

Phone: (530) 754-9474
Text: (530)771-7055
Email: proteomics@ucdavis.edu
Twitter: @ucdproteomics

Our shipping address is
Proteomics Core Facility
Room 1414 GBSF
451 E. Health Sciences Dr.
University of California
Davis, CA 95616

Please do not use US Mail to send samples, they will go to central receiving and get delayed

General info about the core including our missions statement

Our summer short course for 2019 is now offically over.


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