Do you have a list of recent interesting papers?

In fact I do (although this is no where near complete and getting a bit old now) I will try to move all these to a mendely group soon

Comparison of ERLIC–TiO2, HILIC–TiO2, and SCX–TiO2 for Global Phosphoproteomics Approaches

This does a nice job of Comparing the various enrichment techniques for phosphopeptides

Challenges and strategies for targeted phosphorylation site identification and quantification using mass spectrometry analysis

This paper does a great job of explaining the many complexities of phosphopeptdie analysis

Analytical Strategies in Mass Spectrometry-Based Phosphoproteomics

Assay development for the determination of phosphorylation stoichiometry using multiple reaction monitoring methods with and without phosphatase treatment: application to breast cancer signaling pathways

Measurement of Protein Phosphorylation Stoichiometry by Selected Reaction Monitoring Mass Spectrometry

Signaling—2000 and Beyond

This paper does a great job in explaining  why phosphoylation is so important.


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