Can you guarantee my sample will work?

We know there are many labs you can send you samples to (for a list please see the ABRF Core Marketplace or Science Exchange) and we appreciate you considering us for your samples. What we guarantee is that we will treat your samples like they were our own and do every test and take every precaution we can reasonably take to produce the best data for your samples. We cannot guarantee that we will give you the result you  are looking for however, as that has a lot to do with sample prep and variables that are outside our control. But I will guarantee that the personnel in the lab are always a phone call or e-mail or short walk  away and will be happy to discuss your project and samples and will work with you to solve any problems that arise. We are always here to bounce ideas off of or discuss your data (or data you obtained from elsewhere).

Don’t be shy about contacting us (seriously we like it!)

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