Proteomic’s Core Survey results


Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey of the Genome Center’s service cores.  The survey is now closed.

The results for all respondents can be viewed at, password: core results.

The results for just UCD faculty can be viewed at, password: faculty results.

The results for UCD faculty and lab members can be viewed at, password: faculty & lab.

Here is an index for the survey questions.

Core Question #
All Cores 1-3
DNA Technologies & Expression 4-26
Proteomics Core 27-48
Metabolomics Core 49-70
Bioinformatics Core 71-92
Tiling Core 93-114

The input and comments are helpful and we will strive to respond to them.  Some changes that have or are already being implemented:

  • The DNA tech and Expression Analysis cores have a new manager and two new support staff since July 1st.
  • Recruitment of a new manager for the Bioinformatics core is underway.
  • A new Illumina Hiseq2500 v4 DNA sequencer has been ordered.  This will help with turn around times and hopefully reliability as well as provide new capabilities.
  • The computing infrastructure for the Genome Center is being upgraded.

We are trying to increase the integration of the activities of the cores.  The managers are happy to discuss coordination of projects utilizing multiple cores.

We are updating the advisory committees for each of the cores.  If you would like to serve on an advisory committee for one (or more) of the cores, please let us know.


Richard & Brett


Richard Michelmore
Professor and Director

The Genome Center
Genome and Biomedical Sciences Facility
451 East Health Sciences Drive
University of California
Davis, CA 95616
Tel 530-752-1729
Please note new information:
Assistant: Chris Colbert
Ph: 530-752-7598
Fx: 530-752-0436

Brett S. Phinney, Ph D
Proteomics Core facility
twitter= UCDProteomics




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  1. Amy Collins says:

    Very clear survey. And the result is very reliable.
    Amy Collins
    –A researcher at Creative Biogene(, a biotech company.

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