Mass Spec Only Rates at the proteomics core

So we all want to save money and speed up turn-around time. A good way to do that is select our mass spec only rates. These are considerably cheaper than our other rates. By a lot!

So why would you want to do this.

  • Turn around time is a lot faster
  • It’s much less expensive

The theory behind these rates is I would rather not charge you for things you can do yourself. If you can prepare your samples and do the data analysis that’s awesome! Why pay us to do it when you can do it right?

So what does the Mass spec only rate include. Well…It just includes the LC-MS/MS (you can specify the gradient) and we send you back the raw data. That’s it…Simple. You just tell us how much to load and what order to load them in (we can advise you on this). Of course we try and make sure your samples are at an approximate concentration for our system (we need to know this) and that your samples do not contain anything that can ruin our columns or contaminate our Q-Exactives (we can advise on this too)

We can even train you how to do the sample prep and data analysis (free of charge). In fact this is what we recommend when you have big projects with dozens of samples. It’s just way too expensive when you need to analyze 100 samples when you have us do the sample prep and data analysis.

Of course we are pretty good at sample prep , data analysis, experimental design (thanks to the statisticians in the bioinformatics core) etc…So if you ¬†want us to do that we would be happy to. We just need to charge you for it unfortunately

Please let me know if you have any questions/comments etc…



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